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HP B2600 Workstation

The HP B2600 Workstation (HP Unix 2600) is a Unix solution designed for mechanical and electrical design applications.
HP B2600 Workstation


HP B2600 Workstation - HP Unix B2600

The HP B2600 Workstation (HP Unix B2600) is a Unix solution designed for mechanical and electrical design applications. The rackmountable HP B2600 Workstation comes equipped with four memory slots and supports 73-gigabyte and 146-gigabyte hard disk drives. The HP B2600 is perfect for office environments with space constraints and professionals with intense graphics needs. Compatible with the HP-UX 11.0 and HP-UX 11.1 operating systems.

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HP Unix B2600 Workstation Specifications:

Processor: PA-8600 RISC, 500MHz
Cache: 1.5 MB; 0.5 MB instruction, 1 MB data
Memory: 4 GB (maximum), 4 slots, 120MHz SDRAM
Storage: 73 GB and 146 GB HDDs
Expansion: 2 PCI 1X slots, 2 PCI 2X slots
Network: 10/100 Base-Tx Ethernet
Power: 320W
Keyboard: USB
Form factor: Rackmountable
Weight: 18.21 kg
Operating systems: HP-UX

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