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Supporting Progress through UNIX and Open-Source Technology!

Acclinet regularly presents qualifying college students, teachers and nonprofit organizations with free industry-best Sun server and workstation equipment they need to do what they do best. What do we ask in return? Only that they put it to good use. Our technology grant program focusses on two groups: college students and teachers learning or teaching UNIX and open-source technologies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of children.

In this economy, many schools and nonprofits, relying heavily on government funding and donations, are cutting back on their technology spending to stay afloat. With local, state and federal governments struggling to stay within budget and people having less disposable income, there's just not as much available funding as there used to be. Unfortunately, this hinders progress. We want to help.

Available equipment includes entry-level Sun servers and Sun workstations include Sun servers and Sun workstations such as Sun V210, Sun V240, Sun V440, Sun Blade 1500, Sun Blade 2000, Sun Ultra 40, Sun Ultra 45, as well as enterprise-class solutions for qualifying organizations including Sun Fire servers from E4800 to E15K.

Our technology grant program is open to any school, student or organization that is not seeking profit. To qualify, you must provide details about your situation, what kind of equipment you're seeking and how you intend to use it. Applications can be submitted on this web site, via e-mail or by postal mail.

Technology grant recipients are determined monthly by a committee of volunteers who review all the application materials. We will post information about each month's recipient on this web site .

To apply, please fill out the Acclinet Technology Grant application form.

We encourage schools and organizations to help get the word out about our technology grants by posting a link to our technology grant information located on www.acclinet.com by using the code below.


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